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About Dubai Butterfly Garden

The Dubai Butterfly Garden, renowned as the World's Largest Covered Butterfly Garden, serves as a wonderland not only for Dubai but for the United Arab Emirates as a whole. Over 15,000 butterflies of more than 50 species, in all sizes and colors, live in this nature's oasis, which you can access with small kids with Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets. Dubai Butterfly Garden features ten custom-built, climate-controlled domes, providing the best possible environment for people, plants, and butterflies alike.

The gardens' average temperature is a comfortable 18 to 25 degrees Fahrenheit year-round. The variety of brightly colored plants and flowers adds to the allure of this wonderful haven.

For those interested in learning more about the butterflies, a specially designed Educational Area provides all information related to these beautiful creatures. Here, you get the chance to see every stage of the butterfly's life cycle. Kids love watching a movie on butterflies at the on-site theater. To satisfy the hungry tummies of the guests, a variety of quick bites like nachos, popcorn, gelato, and fresh fruit juices are available at the garden's kiosk.

The on-site Butterfly Museum has an impressive collection of works of art made with real butterflies by the region's best craftspeople. In addition, a gift shop near the garden's entrance sells a variety of butterfly-themed souvenirs. Enjoy family-friendly entertainment by reserving your Butterfly Garden tickets with us.

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Book Dubai Butterfly Garden Tickets Online

The Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets allow you access to all of the garden's attractions, including its ten butterfly-housing domes. This Butterfly Garden Dubai ticket price includes access to the koi pond, the educational section, and the Butterfly Museum, which houses several incredible works of art made from pressed butterflies. You may also stop by the garden's picture booth and souvenir shop. Kids can watch movies in the kid's cinema and indulge in sweet treats at the candy shop with this Butterfly Garden ticket price. While you can purchase Butterfly Garden tickets from the ticket counter at the entrance, buying them online is the most convenient and secure option. With online booking, you can avoid long lines at the ticket counter and order tickets from the comfort of your own home or also on the go. Furthermore, online booking allows you to take advantage of a variety of discounts and special offers.

Why You Should Visit Dubai Butterfly Garden ?

Dubai Butterfly Garden is one of the best places to get away from the city's hustle and bustle. A wide variety of activities await visitors in the garden's sprawling zones, draped in lush foliage. It's a butterfly sanctuary with over 15,000 butterflies from 50 species and is regarded as the world's largest (and the region's first indoor) butterfly garden.

Here, you get the chance to learn about and discover different types of butterflies and get a glimpse into their world within their natural setting. Its ten custom-built domes offer a safe and climate-controlled environment for the butterflies to live in and you need not worry about the scorching heat of the city while exploring them.

This can be a fun and educational experience for kids as well as they will also get the chance to learn about the lifecycle of butterflies through each stage from egg to caterpillar, pupa to the adult butterfly at the educational area.There is also an in-house Kids Cinema to make their visit even more exciting. For art lovers, the in-house gallery houses a huge collection of hand-crafted artworks using pressed butterflies. There are knowledgeable guides available to answer questions about butterflies and help you traverse the garden. Overall, a day spent at this butterfly sanctuary with Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets is filled with joy and education.

Astonishing Experiences at Dubai Butterfly Garden

There are some of the must have experince in Dubai Butterfly Garden:

Koi Pond

The abundance of beautiful koi fish in the Koi Pond makes it a preferred destination for children and photographers seeking a natural setting. This magnificent pond and surrounding artificial fountain, located in the second dome of the Butterfly Garden, enhance the relaxing effect of the atmosphere. The sound of rushing water and the chirping of birds in the inside area is really soothing. The Butterfly Garden Dubai ticket price allows access to the Koi Pond.

Kids Cinema

This is a relaxing location for children who have been exploring the garden's different domes and attractions and need a break. Besides the selections of educational films and animations, describing a butterfly life cycle, a variety of family-friendly Disney films are also accessible for viewing. If you reserve their Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets online, they may also enjoy complimentary popcorn and ice cream. In addition, you can relish a complimentary coffee or ice cream.

Food & Beverage

After long hours of touring the domes, you and your children will need some space to unwind and great refreshments. At Dubai Butterfly Garden, a variety of delectable dishes prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients are available. While women who purchase Butterfly Garden tickets online receive a complimentary cup of handcrafted coffee or a delectable sandwich, children can enjoy candy or ice cream. There are coffee shops, candy shops, and a food kiosk on the premises, offering gelato, nachos, popcorn, sodas, water, fresh juices, fruits, coffee, tea, sandwiches, ice cream, and candies.

Souvenir Shops

The gift shop at Dubai Butterfly Garden is a great place to find a one-of-a-kind present at a reasonable price. From jewelry, toys, books, apparel, and accessories to butterfly souvenirs, a broad collection is available for purchase in the shop. Located next to the Butterfly Museum near the entrance of the Butterfly Garden, this shop specializes in butterfly frames made of larger specimens, as well as keychains and fridge magnets created using smaller specimens.

Know Before you Go to Dubai Butterfly Garden

Parking Hours and Facilities
Best Time to Visit
Park Instructions

Park HoursFrom Saturday to Friday: 9 AM to 6 PM

Facilities- Souvenir Shops- Photo Booths- Cafe- Candy Shop- Kis Cinema- Sitting Area- Parking Area- Prayer Area- Restrooms- First Aid Room- Wheelchair

Checkout the best time, before plan your visit to the Dubai Butterfly Garden is from November to March for the pleasant weather. Also, to avoid a crowded experience, book your Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets for early morning hours on weekdays. On weekends and public holidays, it experiences lots of visitors for being a popular attraction.

  • Dubai Butterfly Garden is an environmentally friendly location.
  • Please preserve cleanliness by placing trash in the garbage can.
  • Outside food and drink are strictly prohibited in the garden.
  • These may attract predators of butterflies like ants, spiders, etc.
  • Please do not abandon your belongings. The administration is not responsible for any misplaced items.
  • Butterflies rest on leaves and walkways; therefore, when exploring the garden, be watchful.
  • Do not touch butterfly wings and help in their longevity.
  • Please refrain from picking up or disturbing feeding butterflies.
  • The supervision of children is the responsibility of their parents or guardians.
  • Please do not enter the restricted areas to prevent any damage.
  • Photography of the butterflies is permitted. But ask any staff member for assistance.

For the convenience of visitors with mobility limitations, the entire Dubai Butterfly Garden has been provided with ramps. Every path is broad enough to accommodate wheelchairs and strollers, which is especially helpful for the elderly and parents with young children. In addition, electric cars are available for hire to make traveling across the garden more convenient. There are separate restrooms for men and women, as well as for people with disabilities at the Dubai Butterfly Garden.

Other Attractions at Dubai Miracle Garden

Floral Clock

The Dubai Miracle Gardens Floral Clock allows you to observe the height of innovation and creativity. Flowers and plants cover the entire 15-meter-wide clock, which is a functioning watch and allows visitors to see the passage of time in a creative manner. The design and flower arrangement of the clock change with the seasons, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

Lake Park

Lake Park is an exquisite waterfront paradise and another of the Miracle Garden's astounding marvels. The lake, which provides a tranquil background for relaxation, is embellished with beautiful flower displays of fish, boats, and other waterside items. The park features various beautiful floral arrangements that provide relief for those who wish to relax on the lake's side.

Floating Lady

The Floating Lady with her arms wide out and her long hair dangling to the earth floats in the air and is a sight to behold. Her outfit is composed of red and white petunias, which cascade from her horizontal position atop a flower field. The scene gives the ethereal feeling that she is being drawn upwards by a mysterious old force.

Emirates A380

More than 500,000 real flowers and plants adorn a life-size version of the Emirates A380. It is the biggest structure that has ever been constructed in the garden and currently holds a Guinness World Record for its size. The Airbus A380 is one of the most popular and photographed sights at the Dubai Miracle Garden.

Sunflower Field

This enormous sunflower field is one of the numerous attractions in the Dubai Miracle Garden! Visit the field during the early hours and take in the splendor of the location at its peak. As you walk along its routes, you'll notice thousands of gracefully swinging yellow beauties. Be amazed by the spectacular surroundings and don't forget to take some gorgeous photos against a yellow background.

3D Floral Designs

The incredible artistry of the garden is on the show as three-dimensional floral models. They depict an assortment of characters adorned with brightly colored flowers, such as enormous floral mushrooms, rose-laden swans, humanoid ants with flowery thoraxes, and flower-powered cars. These are some of the hot favorites of the kids visiting the garden.

Dubai Butterfly Garden FAQ's

What are the Dine-In options at Dubai Butterfly Garden?

With your Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets, you can enjoy fresh and delectable fare as well as locally brewed beverages at the garden's various kiosks. Starbucks Coffee, sandwiches, fresh juices, fruits, ice cream, and candy bars made with locally sourced ingredients are available in the garden. When you make your reservation online, your Butterfly Garden ticket price includes a complimentary coffee or sandwich for moms and ice cream for the kids.

What are the different Butterfly Species at Dubai Butterfly Garden?

The Dubai Butterfly Garden is home to more than 15,000 species of butterflies, including Anteos Clorinde, Archaeoprepona Demophon, and Athyma perius. Here, you will be able to observe butterflies of all sizes, shapes, and hues fluttering around, offering a fantastic experience.

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How can the Dubai Butterfly Garden help in the holistic development of your child?

The Butterfly Garden Dubai ticket price includes admission to the garden's educational area, which teaches visitors of all ages about butterflies. Here, kids may observe the actual life cycle of butterflies, from egg to caterpillar to pupa to adult, and know about their metamorphosis. It provides an opportunity to recognize, honor, and value the butterfly in all of its stages of development and natural habitats, helping in the holistic development of kids.

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How has the Indoor Space of Butterfly Garden been decorated?

The most notable aspect to explore with Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets is the domes, which provide adequate space for the butterflies to feed. The interior of the dome contains natural sounds, artificial greenery, and several windows to simulate the butterflies' natural habitat. The temperature is maintained at approximately 24 degrees Celsius. The domes, which are covered with bright flowers and other plants, are adorned with beaded curtains. The pathways are ornamented with trailing ivy and a variety of vegetation that lines each route.

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What are the Rules and Regulations to be followed at Dubai Butterfly Garden?

While you get access to the entire garden with Butterfly Garden Dubai tickets , there are some regulations to follow that are imposed by the authorities to protect the butterflies. The majority of the laws restrict visitors from entering prohibited areas, touching or disturbing the butterflies, leaving items unattended, and littering. In addition, parents are instructed to supervise their children and not bring outside food or beverages inside.

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