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What To Expect At Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Propping over about 15,000 butterflies of more than 45 heavenly species in ten custom-built domes, Dubai Butterfly Garden is definitely a treasure trove of Dubai. The design and architecture of this god-like garden is brought to the forefront by the spectacular Dubai Miracle Garden.

Situated next to the Miracle Garden, Dubai Butterfly Garden showcases the sanctuary’s most resplendent, and lively winged creatures - butterflies. Mapping over 6,673 square metres of indoor and outdoor parks, the garden is bedecked with a world full of plants and flowers of different shades and it makes visitors stop, stare and just forget everything else.

The garden is acclimated to a pleasant temperature throughout the year. The premises including the domes are temperature-controlled owing to the safety of butterflies, and plants in check. Besides, the Butterfly Garden of Dubai also has various entertainment spots and food & drinks stations to treat visitors to a plain-sailing experience.

With entertainment, the garden offers a slice of education by hosting an Educational Area. There, you will find the stunning oasis of wonderful creatures along with various facts and figures about the Monarch butterfly and the display of the actual butterfly life cycle.

Koi Pond

Do you have a thing for water-based creatures? If yes, then you wouldn’t want to miss the beautiful view of Koi pond in Dome 2 of the Dubai Butterfly Garden. The Koi, also known as Jinli, are a majestic fish that hail from the Far East. Experience the marvellous Koi swim complimenting the garden in striking hues of orange, white and gold. The sound of running water will make you want to deep dive into the peace and lose yourself.

Kids Cinema

The Kids Cinema at Dubai Miracle Garden hosts a selection of educational movies, and butterfly life cycle, offering your kids to move towards both entertaining as well as educational journeys of the winged creatures. Moreover, the place features a library filled with Disney movies that are sure to keep the kids in perfect company for a couple of hours. To add to the happiness, Kids Cinema also has a slew of treats like ice cream and popcorn.

Foods & Beverages

When your trip needs a short break and your body is asking for fuel, you can head to the platters of food with fresh and locally sourced ingredients. You can either grab a coffee with appetising foods like sandwiches, nachos etc. or you can indulge in a fresh juice or fruit serving to maintain your health. There’s a food kiosk and coffee shop along with candy shops to keep the menu extensive and your mind sane as you explore the garden.

Souvenir Shops

Are you the type of traveller who can’t help but splurge on a souvenir or two to capture the memories? If you’re, then the Dubai Butterfly Garden has a gift shop for you to buy some distinctive presents. These souvenirs include items like locally ornamented jewellery, and toys as well as books for children. Don’t forget to shop the frames, keychains and refrigerator magnets with butterflies carefully preserved in them.

Things To Know About Dubai Butterfly Garden

Here's how you can plan your visit to Dubai Butterfly Garden

Essential Information
Park Instructions


The garden gates open at 9 AM in the morning and shut down after 6 PM. It is open from Friday to Saturday excluding public holidays. It also has facilities like parking, restrooms, a prayer room, car hiring, a first aid room, foods, beverages and souvenir shops.

How To ReachTake the Dubai Red Line Metro to reach Mall of the Emirates metro station. After that, you can cake a cab to the garden which will take about 20 minutes. If you’re going by a bus, then RTA Bus No. 105 which will take about 20 minutes to reach the garden. You can also take a taxi.

Best Time To VisitThe best time to visit the Dubai Butterfly Garden is during the wintertime. You can plan your visit between the months of November and March.

  • Maintain cleanliness and contribute to keep the garden environment by discarding the garbage in the trash bin.
  • Don’t carry food and beverages to the garden.
  • You are in incharge of your belongings. Don’t leave your things at the garden as the management and staff will not be responsible for the loss of any of your items.
  • Walk carefully through the garden to avoid any harm to the creatures.
  • Don’t touch or attempt to pick up the butterflies when they are feeding.
  • If you want to take pictures, it is best to ask a staff member to do that to ensure safety of the creatures and the premises.
  • Don’t cross the restricted spots.

Dubai Butterfly Garden is armed with ramps and wheelchairs which ensures a flexibility for its visitors to roam around the place. If that’s not a good option to suit your visit, you can hire electric cars from within the park and have a smooth sailing through various spots. You can access the First Aid Rooms and get attended by the trained medical staff if you need any medical assistance during your garden visit.

FAQs Of Experiences In Dubai Butterfly Garden

What are the Dine- In options at Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Dubai Butterfly Garden treats people to the extensive selection of food and beverages that vouch for the ultimate satisfaction. The place offers a galore of Starbucks Coffee, fresh juices, fruits and ice cream. If you’re a candy fanatic, then you should also try the candy bar.

What are the different Butterfly Species at Dubai Butterfly Garden?

The domes at Dubai Butterfly Garden feature 15,000 butterflies with over 50 different kinds of species.It is also known as the world’s largest covered butterfly garden, the Dubai Butterfly Garden has ten custom built domes with each one cradling thousands of majestic creatures.

How Dubai Butterfly Garden can help in holistic development of your child?

You should definitely take your kids to view the life cycle of a butterfly and help them understand the metamorphosis. The place is also great for learning about the world of butterflies and the variety of butterfly species. Apart from touristy pleasures, Dubai Butterfly Garden brings an educational ambience for all visitors regardless of their age.

How has the indoor space of Butterfly Garden been decorated?

Dubai Butterfly Garden features nine domes that promise visitors an architectural marvel. These domes are adorned by flower beds making a scenery to behold. Then there’s a butterfly conservatory with butterflies spanning from different corners of the world. The place also delights visitors with a pond that is a home to a variety of fishes. The candy bar also adds a colourful view to the whole setup of the garden.

What do I wear to the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

It is best to put on comfortable clothes when visiting the Dubai Butterfly Garden since Dubai typically ranges in hot temperatures, it is ideal that you wear light, cotton clothes. Women can wear jeans and t-shirts or maxi dresses while men can put on cotton trousers or shorts and light coloured shirts.

Can I take photos at the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

Yes. You can take pictures at the Dubai Butterfly Garden. However, you must make sure to keep your distance from butterflies to avoid inflicting harm onto them while taking pictures. You can request the guide or assistants in the garden to take pictures as they can also help you locate the perfect spots where your photos can be captured.

What are the services provided at the Dubai Butterfly Garden?

The services at Dubai Butterfly Garden include a prayer room, restrooms, car hiring, parking, souvenir shops and a first aid room.Dubai Buttoerfly Garden features a space dedicated to the educational area that is located right next to Dme 2. Moreover, you can take your children to the Kids Cinema. There is a Candy Shop adjacent to Cinema and that is definitely a must to visit for kids.

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What is the best time to visit Miracle Garden Dubai?

The best time to visit the garden are the months from November to March since these months have the least of the crowd which allows you to traverse through the park without a fuss. Dubai Miracle Garden welcomes the visitors throughout winters starting from November. You can plan your visit till March. As far as the timings are concerned, the gates open at 10 in the morning.

How long does it take to see Miracle Garden?

It takes only about 3-4 hours to be able to visit the entire garden. If you engage in other activities such as dining or taking photos, the duration can stretch to about 5 hours.


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